Pulse of the Planet

December is such a great month for year-end lists. I read all of them as a way to gauge my own “pulse factor.” What got people going, how did business monetize these trends and what can I learn?

I don’t follow Twitter closely all year long so I especially liked this wrap-up. They created a […]

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Productivity according to Woody

Classic lessons from a great film maker. See the original diagram and fine print here.










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Portland Brand Ambassadors Needed

LHK Marketing has been contracted to help promote a delicious new snack bar called GoodnessKnows. It has great natural ingredients, one being dark chocolate – yum! Looking for Brand Ambassadors to turn Portland onto this through store demos and food & fitness events. See the listing for our Portland team here.


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The 3 Little Pigs

One of the best ad campaigns of the year by the UK paper The Guardian. They demonstrate how a classic fairy tale story might be covered by a modern paper and the exchange of ideas that happens through the “open journalism” cycles of reader-to-reporter-to-reader. Pure entertainment and so well done!


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Win-Win Intern Program

I LOVE this intern program. In my former life working at companies, hiring interns was always a love-hate process. The time it took to get them self-sufficient (and actually helping me) was never time I had.  You hoped for a fast learner and tried to balance the delegated tasks so that valuable skills were […]

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If Mad Men had our apps…

There seems to be an infographic for everything now – love this Mad Men one – hilarious and good display of what they might use if they had our tech choices.



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How Do You Spend Your Time Online?

Google is the most visited site, and Facebook is where people spend the most time – are these both in your marketing strategies?

The US internet user on average spends 32 hours a month online and social networking is the most time consuming activity for an Internet user. Here’s the breakdown:

22% of its time on social […]

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Blogging is Hard Work!

Thought you had all your bases covered once you churned out that brilliant post? Think again! Great checklist from Divvy HQ:

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When choosing your colors…

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Salvador Molly’s is a family restaurant in SW Portland and is a client of mine. Owned by Rick Sadle and his daughter Darrielle, their fan base kicked up several notches when Adam Richman took the Great Balls of Fire challenge, for his popular TV show Man V Food.  It remains one of the most […]

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