Salvador Molly’s is a family restaurant in SW Portland and is a client of mine. Owned by Rick Sadle and his daughter Darrielle, their fan base kicked up several notches when Adam Richman took the Great Balls of Fire challenge, for his popular TV show Man V Food.  It remains one of the most […]

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Brilliant Use of Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is one’s fantasy board – I call it the “adult high school locker.” What I want my house to look like, what I would dress like if I had the money, what I would wear if I were fit, what I would cook if I, well, cooked.  It’s now the #3 most […]

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Just cool stuff

The Wind Map

These guys  invent new ways for people to think and talk about data. Yay! for nerds who translate data into art!  They ask, “Can visualization help people think collectively?” This map shows you the tracery of wind flowing over the US.

At the very least it will tell me if it’s a good day […]

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Nike rocks

Props to the creative people at Nike – they always keep it fresh, current, interesting. This is hilarious too.  A commercial that had me from start to finish, and at 2:30 minutes, that’s saying something.  “I Would Run to You”.
I’d buy those kicks!


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Facebook Fan Pages – The Switch!

On March 30th, all of your Facebook fan pages will convert to the new timeline – are you ready?  The new Facebook Timeline is designed to be more like a web page.

Here’s a very informative 3-minute video from social media expert Jason Keath:

 Some of the key points from Jason’s article:
Use more photos

Facebook knows that people […]

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LHK Marketing Announces Launch

Thanks to everyone, including Emily Artz French who designed this beautiful site. Here’s the newsletter sent to friends, family and my network. Here we go!!! Cheers!

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This must be the place…

We can’t wait to hear about your project!

Photo: Tim Gunther Photography

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