Liz Kay CV

Liz KayMarketing, Brand & Content SpecialistArroyo Grande, CA(805) 994-9952liz@lhkmarketing.comhttps://lhkmarketing.com/

Executive Summary

I am often referred to as a marketing generalist because of an extensive skill set in multiple areas relating to the strategic, creative and tactical aspects of branding and marketing. 25+ years working in multiple industries and team sizes with a great understanding of cross-functional capacities […]

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Create Your Brand in 5 Steps

Katie O’Grady

Two of my favorite clients so far in 2019 have been women transitioning from a well-known personal brand to a new venture.

Katie O’Grady, a beloved force in the acting community, wanted to […]

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Managing Social Media From Afar: A Case Study

As a marketing contractor, I have so many diverse clients and ways to interact with them. Some are remote and some are right in my city of Portland.  The remote client is challenging for obvious reasons but great technology allows an almost seamless communication flow with project management platforms like Basecamp, […]

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Meeting Must-Have

What if your meeting whiteboard looked like this? You’d probably be a little more engaged in the process and might even refer back to it for ideas.

It’s called Live Graphic Recording and Katie Lei Creative is one of the few specialists doing it.  As your team brainstorms, she creates […]

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Newsletters: Your Tried & True

One of the key marketing platforms I teach my clients is Newsletter Marketing. I’m always surprised at how many don’t have this prioritized, and instead are spinning on social media, pay-per-click ads and SEO. Should I be doing PR?  All important of course. But not at the expense of […]

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Passion & Purpose

This month, I thought about a theme that is consistent in my clients : An entrepreneurial spirit that comes from seeing a direct need – and the passion that brings the answer to market.

I’m honored to highlight this visionary client!

Elizabeth Johnston loves the local food scene in Portland.  She loves the makers […]

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LHK Marketing Infographic

Who isn’t using Infographics in their marketing these days? Why? Because they work! People are more apt to be drawn to images and it’s messages, rather than reading a bunch of text.  LHK Marketing is now in the game of creating Infographics and can help you whip up a crafty one for your brand.

Here’s ours:


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TED talk favorite

Recently inspired by attending TEDx Portland – what an amazing concept this series is: gather smart people with the intention of using their intelligence and public speaking prowess to change the world!

This TedxVancouver video is a favorite – the 3D Life Rule – Don’t Be a Dick!


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Spend More Time On What You Like

This Dove campaign is beautiful and touching and drives a great message for women to embrace their natural beauty.  There is a lesson learned voiced by one of the subjects that rings true for most anything “Spend more time appreciating the things you do like.”

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When to Send Emails

Thought this Infographic from Social Media Today was useful – like anything, be strategic about when you blast your base. Nothing is scientific, but just realizing overall habits will at least have you stay away from low traffic times. Not mentioned on  this, but I really notice a huge drop-off in social media […]

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