Brilliant Use of Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is one’s fantasy board – I call it the “adult high school locker.” What I want my house to look like, what I would dress like if I had the money, what I would wear if I were fit, what I would cook if I, well, cooked.  It’s now the #3 most popular social network and man, did it grow fast!  Aside from the standard workday timeout, it’s escapism that taps your  inner creative self.

Business is jumping all over the pinning craze and I wondered how some can do this organically, without overtly pitching their product. Harrods London department store is  a perfect example of using this forum to drive traffic and raise brand awareness. Their store windows are iconic and now they are giving the pinning public the chance to design their next one through a Pinterest mood board. Well-done! Their followers are less than 900 right now – let’s watch that grow! And all the copycat contests to follow.

This contest is for UK residents only but you can read the details on Harrods’ Pinterest page.







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