Managing Social Media From Afar: A Case Study

As a marketing contractor, I have so many diverse clients and ways to interact with them. Some are remote and some are right in my city of Portland.  The remote client is challenging for obvious reasons but great technology allows an almost seamless communication flow with project management platforms like Basecamp, screen-shares with JoinMe and video-conferencing in Zoom Rooms (some of my favorites!).

My client, Tamara Childs Collection, is a fine artist creating gorgeous high-end home accents and operates in Seattle. She’s been in business for 25 years dealing with only wholesale accounts up until 2 years ago. A website was built to attract direct sales and I was contracted for SEO & SEM copy-writing.  This led to my web traffic-driving questions:

This team was thrilled to have someone take it over. Artists need to be artists – and this artist was BUSY.

Digging into their content marketing, I had a ton of stock photos to start with, but that can only take you so far. Content needs to be FRESH. They were too busy to be sending me new photos for social media and Blog posts. I was stuck.

Here are the steps I took so I could really light up their social media, newsletter marketing & Blog posts:

  • I created a brand positioning brief which detailed the client’s personality & voice, and received their approval.
  • I asked the client to ship me product—I entertain a lot and knew I could put those cocktail glasses and platters to work! They had a stock of minimally flawed goods sitting in inventory whose flaws could easily be hidden in any photo.
  • The iPhone 8 Plus has a Portrait feature which gives depth-of-field (fuzzy background!) professional photos—with the right lighting, these look amazing.
  • I make quarterly visits to the studio and shoot a ton of photos of the artist at work and any behind-the-scenes fun shots (with my new iPhone 8 Portrait feature!) These carry me for a couple months.
  • When visiting the client, we forecast the next 3 months of themes (Mothers’ Day, Wedding) and she packs me a product set to take back with me.
  • I stage and shoot her vision in my home—I love it!
  • We all have friends who are great Instagrammers – when they come to my house, I ask them to take shots of the product—they own it!

See how this all came together for Tamara’s latest blog post for her very busy wedding season.

Thanks to my awesome friends for these creative photos  – I feed them wine!

Please get in touch if you have a challenging content situation— I’d love to brainstorm a solution with you!  Check out my recent post which provides plenty of content ideas.

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