Meeting Must-Have

What if your meeting whiteboard looked like this? You’d probably be a little more engaged in the process and might even refer back to it for ideas.

It’s called Live Graphic Recording and Katie Lei Creative is one of the few specialists doing it.  As your team brainstorms, she creates a wonderful story with her sketching mastery.

This made my first branding session extra exciting with the TRIbella wine aerator brand!  Katie is also part of the  father/daughter team with her Dad Skip who created this best-in-show aerator. How does one family ooze so much creativity and innovation?  Here’s the time lapse video of the live graphic recording:

They had a great foundation for who they are, but needed to clarify their position and messaging to remain consistent on all of their platforms, and connect to their target audience.

Topics that led the Live Graphic Recording brainstorm:

What We Believe In
Our Promise
What Makes Us Special?
Positioning Statements
The 30-Second Pitch
Brand Personality & Tone of Voice
Customer Benefit
Brand Perception
Brand Stories

How’s YOUR current Branding & messaging?

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