Newsletters: Your Tried & True

One of the key marketing platforms I teach my clients is Newsletter Marketing. I’m always surprised at how many don’t have this prioritized, and instead are spinning on social media, pay-per-click ads and SEO. Should I be doing PR?  All important of course. But not at the expense of sending out a monthly newsletter. Some clients have really good lists just sitting there, ignored. Mind-blowing to me. This is marketing GOLD!

Here’s why Newsletter Marketing should move to the top of the stack in your marketing efforts:

  • If someone has given you their email address, they have given you permission to market to them. Look at this as a date. A privilege. Depending on how interesting you are, they’re listening.
  • In the world of BUSY and over-saturated social media, your message in their Inbox is a far more intensive connection.
  • You OWN this platform. It’s yours. Social media platforms will continue to change their rules (again) and decide how YOU market to YOUR customers. Who knows what’s in their future plans and why should you be held hostage? Build equity in your list, you will always have it and use it.
  • The recent Facebook change is the perfect example of this – Zuckerbeg has decided to improve the user experience by showing less Business posts and more of your personal posts (great for my personal mindless surfing, bad for my clients’ ad campaigns!).
  • The cost of acquisition is much lower than paid ads! You pay a monthly fee (sometimes this is free if your list is small) on Mailchimp or whatever, but each customer clicking and browsing is covered in this cost.
  • Drives traffic to your website. If you design your newsletter and content marketing (Blog) in such a way that your recipients want to hear more, you can get them in the door, then all over your website.

Content Marketing Ideas For Your Newsletter
This is very intimidating for many – even my most creative clients ask “What on earth can I talk about besides selling my product?” There are so many related themes that tie into your brand, that can be spun into an interesting article. Or are just plain fun & entertaining!

I offer strategies to create Blog posts on your site to drive traffic. Then tease these in your newsletter. Promote in social media.  I call this my Content Marketing Triangle. Once you get this formula down, it’s turnkey.
Here’s a sample content idea list:

  1. Product Push: of course. Devote one block to your priority, with a call-to-action.
  2. News: Easy content source. Add your own opinion, interpretation and thoughts on how it impacts your industry or niche.
  3. Audience Needs: Make a simple list of the type of information they need and write about it.
  4. Solve Problems. What are the top problems or pain points your audience has? Provide the answers.
  5. Tips and How To Lists: People love to read content in easily readable and sharable bits and bytes.
  6. Share your journey of building your business. Share both the good and bad.
  7. Expert interviews or Fun Q&As with industry leaders.  Influencers your audience would like to hear from.
  8. Crowd source answers to questions.People love to give & hear the perspective of others.
  9. Innovations in your industry. What’s new, cool, has your attention.

Here are 3 recent newsletters I helped create for Clients, including their special features which live as Blog posts on the site.

Françoise Weeks Floral Designer: we created 2 features for each month – Trend Spotting & Event Recap
Hip Holster: we created 3 features for each month – Guest Q&A, Event Recap, Event Tips
TRIbella Wine Aerator: we created 3 features for each month – Guest Q&A, Innovation Corner, Pour of the Month

Get in touch if you want to ramp up your Newsletter Marketing and you need a creative partner to get you started!



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