Liz Kay CV

Liz KayMarketing, Brand & Content SpecialistArroyo Grande, CA(805) 994-9952liz@lhkmarketing.comhttps://lhkmarketing.com/

Executive Summary

I am often referred to as a marketing generalist because of an extensive skill set in multiple areas relating to the strategic, creative and tactical aspects of branding and marketing. 25+ years working in multiple industries and team sizes with a great understanding of cross-functional capacities […]

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Do The Work!

As a business owner, year-end is a time to regroup. I personally love all the marketing lists that come out to help you refresh on where the sharpening needs to happen. It’s so overwhelming to see what you are NOT doing! This I know: it takes WORK, and time and organization. Small businesses […]

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Pulse of the Planet

December is such a great month for year-end lists. I read all of them as a way to gauge my own “pulse factor.” What got people going, how did business monetize these trends and what can I learn?

I don’t follow Twitter closely all year long so I especially liked this wrap-up. They created a […]

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Facebook Fan Pages – The Switch!

On March 30th, all of your Facebook fan pages will convert to the new timeline Рare you ready?  The new Facebook Timeline is designed to be more like a web page.

Here’s a very informative 3-minute video from social media expert Jason Keath:

¬†Some of the key points from Jason’s article:
Use more photos

Facebook knows that people […]

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LHK Marketing Announces Launch

Thanks to everyone, including Emily Artz French who designed this beautiful site. Here’s the newsletter sent to friends, family and my network. Here we go!!! Cheers!

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