“Working with Liz was one of the best things I have done for my business. She has the unique ability to look at the whole of your accomplishments and combine them with where you see yourself heading to create your brand. She invests herself completely and dives under with you to explore the question, “What else?” It’s not a matter of will I work with Liz again, it’s when. I can’t wait!”
– Katie O’Grady, Alcove Productions, The Studio NW

“The marketing and program development campaign created by Liz was essential to our Get Going Oregon! event success. Her impeccable attention to detail, positive attitude and creativity was greatly appreciated. Liz served as primary liaison for our corporate and community sponsors in five participating cities across Oregon. She also administered an email marketing campaign to keep the enthusiasm and energy of the event going. Her efforts helped bring the mission of the OHSU Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center and message of diabetes awareness and healthy living to people of all ages.”
– Erin Jessel, Oregon Health & Science University Foundation

“Liz’s marketing expertise and organizational skills enabled Fumerie Parfumerie to launch with a solid foundation and a marketing strategy that introduced our business through both traditional and new media. Under Liz’s tutelage, our social media presence and newsletter marketing base blossomed and continue to grow at a rapid pace. Her suggestions and insights were invaluable. Thanks to Liz, we were able to firmly establish ourselves as a fixture in the perfume community. We are forever grateful for Liz’s important contribution to the success of Fumerie!”
– Tracy Tsefalas, Owner, Fumerie Parfumerie

“One of the most powerful forces in my current work is my marketing guru, Liz Healy Kay. She is funny, forceful and a joy to work with. When I told her I needed to revamp and re-enter, Liz listened and listened and listened and listened. Then she studied what I do and all the motivating factors that made me who I am. She partnered in the creation of my new logo and site and marketing materials. I look forward to where I am headed because I have the partnership I have with Liz, she has my back.”
– Jeanne M. Stafford, Communications Trainer

“Liz has been an incredible asset to the goodnessknows team for the last year–in fact, I’m not sure we could have survived without her! Her dedication and positive attitude as well as her ability to work with all types of people and personalities definitely made all the difference for our program. I look forward to working with Liz again when the opportunity arises!”
-Jennie Wolf, Mars Candy Account Lead, The Motive Agency

“We absolutely couldn’t have done it without you! You have completely turned our business around and helped us put together all pieces to create a well thought out, consistent and interesting product. In just a short time, you have helped us overhaul our website, identify our brand and be able to talk clearly about it and put together extraordinary events that were highlighted in every local publication and television station! Liz, you are such a dynamo, and we are so happy to have found you! Thank you for everything.”
– Leslie Braverman & Melanie Byford -Young, owners Pacific NWest Pilates

“Liz is a dream to work with! From her clear and concise pitch to booking the interviews, she covers all her bases and makes a producer’s already time-strained job a breeze! I would recommend her services to anyone needing a targeted result that is fast and efficient!”
– Amy Lewin, Producer,| KPTV Fox 12

“Liz  helped us rethink and revitalize our social media efforts, including our website and Facebook strategies. With Liz’s guidance, we gained over 500 “likes” in a period of 3 weeks with a FB ad campaign, helping us win a brand new vehicle in Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good Program through Facebook.  Liz’s expertise in marketing and social media were instrumental in this great win!
– Ann Takamoto, Development Director, Audubon Society of Portland

“Liz is amazing-I have been fortunate to have many interactions with her executing various segments and events.   I jump at every opportunity to work with her as each experience exceeds my expectations.  She always over-delivers and makes things seamless!”
Heidi Protto, Producer, Studio 6| KOIN TV Local 6

“Having done PR and marketing myself, I am a pretty demanding client and Liz knocks it out of the park. With a clear handle on the local media climate and current social media strategies, she continually secures valuable press and brand awareness for Salvador Molly’s.”
Rick Sadle, Owner, Salvador Molly’s restaurant

“I had the pleasure of working with Liz for 10 years and she was always  the first person I went to to get something done.  She is a really smart, effective team player who always has the company’s best interest at heart.  She is an independent thinker, who does not need hand-holding – tell her what you need and then get out of the way!
-Gina Iorillo Corrales, former VP Promotion, MCA Records & Left Bank Management/Beyond Music

“For the Audubon’s Wild Arts Festival , we decided to bring on some outside marketing to help increase our numbers – Liz got on board with a comprehensive campaign that generated new target audience ideas, extensive press coverage, and helped guide us in generating new marketing opportunities. We increased our attendance to the Festival by 32%, as well as surpassed our revenue goals with a 46% increase from the previous year.  Liz was a pleasure to work with and was very responsive to all of our marketing needs.”
-Bob Gandolfi, Bob Gandolfi Event Productions

You are an absolute joy to work with in every way.  Your follow through is impeccable, you do what you say you will do, you are always positive and fun. What a complete package I found in LHK Marketing! You will always be successful in whatever you do in life.  People like you are absolutely unstoppable!
– Rocky Blumhagen, recording artist, Easy To Love