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This month, I thought about a theme that is consistent in my clients : An entrepreneurial spirit that comes from seeing a direct need – and the passion that brings the answer to market.

G&C collageI’m honored to highlight this visionary client!

Elizabeth Johnston loves the local food scene in Portland.  She loves the makers that are hand-crafting these products so you can enjoy pure deliciousness right in your home.

She created  the home delivery service Grown & Crated featuring the best of Portland-made foods & goods.

We did a full branding identity and marketing plan for Elizabeth & Grown & Crated.  Her biggest challenges were explaining why she was different than other specialty food sites, and why consumers should care.

Why is Grown & Crated unique from other local food service sites and why should we care?

The Experience
People are passionate about the experience of shopping for good food. The sight, the smell, the touch.  There is something so rewarding and decadent about partaking in farmers’ markets and specialty stores. We’re supporting local, we’re indulging in small batch/limited quantity products and we’re treating ourselves to food items that are delicious , fresh and healthy. But the luxury of time is needed to gather this diverse offering of food, requiring traveling to various stores throughout the Portland metro. Grown & Crated delivers your selections to your door, in a beautiful wrapped box. There’s an excitement about receiving this present to ourselves. It doesn’t replace the experience of shopping at local locations, but it is a satisfying and time-saving Plan B.

Sure, there are other specialty food sites, but your options often include themed baskets. Grown & Crated offers an a la carte shopping site where you pick & choose the items you want. Reach $50 and your delivery is free.

The Connector
Founder Elizabeth is passionate about local food and their makers. She is developing close personal relationships with this community and she is committed to telling their stories and helping them thrive.  Core to her success is is adding to the success of the makers and this local food movement. She will be totally in tune with the latest & best products and Grown & Crated will always be a resource for early news & intel for those who want to be -in-the-know, and are early adopters of local food products.

What’s your pitch ….in 30 seconds?  GO!

  • Grown & Crated is an online store of Portland-made foods & goods, delivered to your door.
  • It saves you the time of running around to several specialty stores to find your favorite local items.
  • It offers flexibility unlike other specialty sites because all items are a la carte – you choose!
  • Grown & Crated supports the amazing artisan maker scene we have here in Portland  and we’re passionate and committed to telling each one’s story and helping them thrive!
  • Stay connected with us because we are always early on the latest food trends & products.

From these exercises, we were able to create consistent social media messaging, brainstorm the best taglines and give Elizabeth the confidence and consistency to speak about her vision and brand.

If you’d like to hear more about our process and plan, get in touch and I’d be happy to share!

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