I Walk the Vine

I Walk the Vine


I launched this tee line without experience in apparel, e-commerce, graphic design or the winery gift industry. I knew the name was cool and my designs were hip.  After navigating government trademarks & copyrights, I outsourced my whole team locally and hit the road. If you have passion and a product you believe in, you can sell it!

The website and photography are very important in my marketing of this line. My tag line is “Having Fun With Your Love for Wine” – I want people to feel that wine is casual and approachable.  A purse designer I love recently said to me “Your website feels like you stepped into a party.” Perfect, grab a glass.

Email marketing is a big part of staying in touch with our fans and making new ones. The newsletter always carries a discount and has the same fresh look with great photos. We just made Vertical Response’s Top 500 Marketing Excellence list (#378) for companies that consistently have a high open rate (ours is 38% and the national average is 12%).

Email Marketing Excellence

We also did a fun design contest, Design on the Vine,  communicated to our fans through email marketing and social media. We invited people to create our next design, and then we asked them to help us pick the winner – we got 2 fabulous new designs out of it and tons of chatter!

The Contest

The Top 5

The Winners

Our growing list of clients include: