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Tour Strategy

Sejal Vora is a favorite client of mine because she has an incredible entrepreneurial mind and is constantly trying to improve on her current product. She worked in finance in NYC while raising her two young children and wanted them to attend a Montessori school, but a school did not exist in Hoboken at the time. It took two years from concept to fruition to research, prepare, and build a beautiful school which opened in 2010. Three years later, she opened her second location tripling capacity

Sejal knew HMS was exceptional because she was offering a truly authentic Montessori education, which means she stays true to the original vision that Maria had. “Montessori” is not a trademarked name and many schools can call themselves that without having to offer any kind of regimented curriculum. HMS’ messaging was passive and not communicating how above-bar she was in her offerings, and many parents had no idea the difference.

We dug into her whole brand position, then created compelling messaging which we placed all over the website. We created a social media, newsletter and Blog strategy to consistently message her differentiators to both attract and retain her parent base. We fine-tuned her Tour process and presentation (her top channel for recruitment) so that she optimized this crucial opportunity.  In less than one year, HMS had doubled their applications and were able to focus their attention to growth and a 3rd location.


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