I Walk the Vine


I launched this tee line without experience in apparel, e-commerce, graphic design or the winery gift industry. I knew the name was cool and my designs were hip and the idea came from my own frustration of never finding shirts I liked in wineries.  After navigating government trademarks & copyrights, I outsourced my whole team locally and hit the road. If you have passion and a product you believe in, you can sell it.  I Walk the Vine is been in over 50 wineries and will celebrate it’s 8-year anniversary!


The website and photography are very important in my marketing of this line. My tag line is “Having Fun With Your Love for Wine” – I want people to feel that wine is casual and approachable. A designer friend recently said to me “Your website feels like you stepped into a party.” Perfect, grab a glass. The look is very fresh and casual and I’m thankful to have so many good-looking friends & family who love themselves a photo shoot!




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