Salvador Molly’s Restaurant

PR and Social Media Manager

Great Balls of Fire Annual Fundraiser for Oregon Heat
2010, 2011, 2012

I love this restaurant and the family that runs it. They are super-creative and have done an awesome job of carving out a niche for themselves with their Great Balls of Fire menu challenge (eat 5 habanero cheese fritters and get your picture on the Wall of Flame!). Adam Richman from Travel Channel’s Man V Food traveled to Portland to take the challenge and now people from all over the country travel to this Hillsdale restaurant to step up to the plate.

Every February, Salvador Molly’s donates proceeds from each Great Balls of Fire order to the non-profit Oregon Heat, helping those less fortunate pay their heating bills. Two eating competitions bookend the fund-raising period and it’s pure craziness! The community loves this and it’s great content for the media outlets –  16 years running and still gets a ton of coverage every year. I thoroughly enjoy the irreverent and tongue-in-cheek messaging of this brand, and the creativity it allows.


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