Tap the Joy

Marketing Campaign

Claudine Mellet-Wilson is a brilliant professional coach who I loved immediately for her ability to connect and listen to people. She’s also wicked funny.  I knew she was in the right profession to help people find their way both professionally and personally, but she needed to brand herself in a clear, communicative way.  For starters, the term “Life Coach” was an eye-roller for some so we sat down to establish credibility for what she offered,  and created a strategic plan to find her audience.

Branding & Strategic Pan

Like many clients, Claudine wanted to jump into tactical marketing & pr without having the basic foundations of a great brand: a logo you love, a branding statement that jumps to the punch, and a website that is dynamic and represents your fabulous & unique offering! With the help of my uber-creative collaborator Emily French, we were able to translate Claudine’s  amazing vision of “whimsy with cred” for Emily to create a joyful, empowering logo and a website that is tons of fun to be on.

“Inspiring People and Organizations to Thrive” is Tap The Joy’s tagline  and surfaced from a messaging exercise to achieve precisely what Claudine wanted to communicate. Her strategic plan was created over several discovery sessions and is now her road map directing her on what she offers, who her audience is and where they live. 2012 will be a busy year for Tap The Joy!




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