Tim Gunther Photography

Marketing Consultant

Tim is my very favorite photographer in Portland and I use him professionally and personally whenever I can. Tim has the product and I knew with just a few marketing strategies, he could really up his branding and start to set himself apart from the endless photographer pool.


First we gave Tim a branding statement: A look. A story. A wink. Those 3 words say so much about a Tim Gunther photograph and we loved the simplicity of the statement.


Next we started him on an email marketing campaign which uses a photograph from the week’s shoots. What better content for a newsletter than a whimsical photograph? We turned it into a postcard with some fun tidbits about shoot details – the music, the food, the models. This is a newsletter I would open every week!


Finally, with hundreds of businesses/artists vying for the First Thursday crowd, we thought Tim had all the elements to get in this monthly game by inviting people to the sexy world of a photo-shoot. His space is great, and you throw in a little wine & music and you’ve got a great party. The follow-up is amazing photos that get posted and passed around the social media world. Tim has taken it to a new level by inviting local bands to play and rotates a gallery of local artists.

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