Create Your Brand in 5 Steps

Katie O’Grady

Two of my favorite clients so far in 2019 have been women transitioning from a well-known personal brand to a new venture.

Katie O’Grady, a beloved force in the acting community, wanted to […]

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Meeting Must-Have

What if your meeting whiteboard looked like this? You’d probably be a little more engaged in the process and might even refer back to it for ideas.

It’s called Live Graphic Recording and Katie Lei Creative is one of the few specialists doing it.  As your team brainstorms, she creates […]

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Passion & Purpose

This month, I thought about a theme that is consistent in my clients : An entrepreneurial spirit that comes from seeing a direct need – and the passion that brings the answer to market.

I’m honored to highlight this visionary client!

Elizabeth Johnston loves the local food scene in Portland.  She loves the makers […]

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LHK Marketing Infographic

Who isn’t using Infographics in their marketing these days? Why? Because they work! People are more apt to be drawn to images and it’s messages, rather than reading a bunch of text.  LHK Marketing is now in the game of creating Infographics and can help you whip up a crafty one for your brand.

Here’s ours:


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