Do The Work!

As a business owner, year-end is a time to regroup. I personally love all the marketing lists that come out to help you refresh on where the sharpening needs to happen. It’s so overwhelming to see what you are NOT doing! This I know: it takes WORK, and time and organization. Small businesses especially, who are usually one-man operations, must wear the hat of creative, sales, marketing, social, digital, admin….oy, there goes the anxiety again!

Aside from the lists to guide me, I’ve recently started using Google Calendar to actually schedule out time for the different segments my business needs. It’s so easy to get trapped in the vortex of Facebook or Twitter, or answering every email when it comes in. Dedicate small spaces of time for these, and give consideration to “Email Marketing”, “Business Development”, “New Blog Post” “Continuing Education”, “Client Relations”,etc. Regimen is hard but if we start with the intention, and New Year’s is great for resolutions, we’re a step in the right direction!

Here’s one of my favorite bookmarked lists that will help me kick off 2013.  It’s about building an email marketing list but many tips cross-pollinate into general traffic building in your other marketing mediums. 50 Awesome List Building Tips.

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