Pulse of the Planet

December is such a great month for year-end lists. I read all of them as a way to gauge my own “pulse factor.” What got people going, how did business monetize these trends and what can I learn?

I don’t follow Twitter closely all year long so I especially liked this wrap-up. They created a great micro-site, 2012.twitter.com which breaks down what people were talking about all over the world.

Golden Tweets

What generated the most retweets of the year?
A President, a pop star, a Packer, the British Olympic team and a Japanese anime voice-over artist. (@barackobama @justinbieber @TJLang70 @TeamGB @yamachanoa)

Pulse of the Planet

What events generated the biggest conversations?
Summer Olympics, the election, MTV Music Video ideas, Superbowl, European football/soccer matches, Hurricane Sandy, Japanese anime movie “Summer Wars”, Whitney Houston and SOPA anti-piracy bill.


What spikes caught our attention?
See the Top 10 in categories of Music, Movies, Sports, Food, Politics and more on the full Twitter 2012 site.

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